Attracted by all things beauty from a young age, Vasilika’s passion leads her to attend the Institute of Arts, where she graduates with a diploma in Choreography and soon after joins the ranks of professors at the School of Ballet in the capital with a career that spanned 13 years.

In 1999, she immigrates to Toronto, Canada where she follows her passion for beauty by enrolling in the Zehava School of Esthetics & Massage Therapy. Graduating with an honors degree she is offered a position as esthetician at the famed Elmwood Spa in downtown Toronto. The experience she develops while working at the spa, allows her to gain a western-minded concept towards customer experience and care. While there she is also trained on several international skincare brands, where the one brand in particular, Swiss line, leaves quite an impression on her.

Moving back to Tirana in 2003, she pursues her passion by opening up the aptly named “Toronto Beauty Spa”, offering for the first time in the Albanian market, unprecedented levels of treatment & product performance. At the same time her company is appointed as exclusive distributor of Swiss line for the Albania and the region.

Her passion and tireless work to help her clients achieve the best results possible with their skincare, built a reputation and a business that today counts 14 years of operation.